Longleanbaby is just about 8 months old now – my oh my, where has the time gone?!   I am starting to feel like its time to start weaning. This is a normal process, but for us, its a little more complicated. LLB has refused the bottle since she was about 3 months old.  Since then I have tried to get her to take the bottle many times without any luck. At first she would scream at the site of the bottle, and more recently, she simply plays with it like a teething toy. Either way, she’s not drinking. I have gotten a ton of advice on how to handle this…

  • try cup feeding
  • try a sippy cup
  • try having someone else feed her
  • try to feed her right when she wakes
  • if she’s hungry enough she’ll eventually take the bottle – aka starve her

I have tried all of these EXCEPT starving her, which I just don’t have the heart to do.  Some of you are probably wondering why I want to wean in the first place. Well, to date I have not been able to leave her for more than 4 hours. Yes, in the last 8 months I have pretty much constantly been with her. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and I love being a mom, but I need a break. Also, this issue makes it so that I cannot work much at all. I live in an area where I have to drive 30-60 minutes to get to my clients or to the studio where I work. Roundtrip 1-2 hours. So, basically I can only teach/train for 1-2 hours. Doesn’t seem like the most effective use of my time. Plus, I am always feeling frazzled because I’m running around all the time. Aiaiai! Ultimately, I shouldn’t have to explain myself; LLB has been exclusively breast fed for 8 months – that’s AWESOME!  I feel like the time has come…I am following my mommy instincts!

So first things first, I MUST get her to take the bottle.  Once I get that covered, I can start the weaning process. I have been doing a lot of research and I think the best information I’ve found thus far is on KellyMom.com.  Here I found information and tips on considering weaning & how to wean.   Additionally, if you have a lactation consultant, definitely seek their advice as well.  This process will be difficult – for both of us.  I know I will miss the bonding, but I also know that I will feel less stressed and a lot happier having a little freedom to work, to get away with my husband, and to have a little me time without the clock ticking.

Wish me luck!  In the meantime, have any of you had similar experiences?  Please share your thoughts on introducing the bottle & weaning.  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Waaaaah…Weaning!

  1. No weaning experience here, but when my older was about 7 months we needed to supplement because pregnancy had made my milk supply drop, and he wouldn’t have anything to do with a bottle or any soft spout sippy. We finally tried a hard spout that he didn’t have to suck on, closer to an actual cup, and oddly enough had more success getting him to take it.

    Also, just wanted to note that you can mostly wean and still keep the bedtime or early morning nursing for a while. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Natalie:) I will try the hard spout sippy…trial and error! If it works out that I can keep a morning or evening feeding, i definitely will. It is a special bonding time:)

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