It’s a Juggling Act

Life has been hectic these past few months!   I went on a week vacation in May and ever since I’ve felt like I can’t catch up.  I talk to a lot of moms and they all say pretty much the same thing: you’ll never really catch up, enjoy your new life in organized chaos.  Well, its about to get worse because I am looking to take on a larger work load.  So, here I am in not so organized chaos preparing for a challenging juggling act.  I have a few big issues to contend with: childcare – relinquishing some of my control – and making sure I am giving enough of myself to my family, work AND myself. I am a wicked perfectionist and hate giving less than my best to anything.  So, how am I going to do it all?

I know many moms and dads out there struggle with this very issue, so I did a little research and asking around for advice on this topic.  Here is a list of my favorites:

Prioritize – with these new added responsibilities, I need to figure out what’s most important and what is not as important.  Obviously family is my top priority, but perhaps it’s a good idea to purge some things that take up time.  This will allow me to make a little more time for work and still keep my family feeling happy and loved.

Compartmentalize – when I am home with my family – BE THERE.  Put the work away and focus on them.  This includes my iPhone!!!  Eek, this may be a difficult one!

Organize – so so true!  The more organized I am the more time I’ll have to do it all.  Having all of the baby’s gear in order for starters – food, schedule, clothing, diapers, etc.  Another great idea is meal planning.  This saves so much time and money and makes life so much easier and less stressful.  Being organized at work goes without saying…it allows me to be as efficient as possible with my time.

Accept help – this is a great one.  I am always saying that “I’m trying to do it all”.  I think its time to delegate…this includes childcare!   I have a wonderful husband and amazing family and friends.  I just need to get more comfortable asking for help and then accepting it!

Cut myself some slack – Guilt…evil guilt.  Why must I feel bad that I want to work more?  I know this will be good for me and for her.  My working more will provide more for our family financially AND a little “nurturing” for me too – nurturing my mind!

Ahh, I am feeling a lot better after writing this!  I will do my best to follow this advice and hopefully I’ll feel less stress and guilt and a whole lot of happiness in this new change.  What do you do to balance your juggling act?


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