Being a parent – a better Me was born!

I have been a mom for almost a year (oh my!). The cliché is true—it does go fast…and yes, you’re never really prepared. The last 10 1/2 months have brought many exciting, scary, crazy challenges; challenges that have all been opportunities for me to grow, to improve, to be better…and I have been up for the task!

Being a parent is no small feat. From Wikipedia, parenting “is the activity of raising a child; the process of promoting and supporting the physicalemotionalsocial, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.” Yes folks, when you become a parent you are signed on for LIFE! So, since day one, my primary focus has been to make sure my daughter has everything she needs:

The physical

To make sure she is fed healthily, bathed, and has a warm bed to sleep in; that she gets out for some fresh air regularly, and is active and building strong motor skills.

The emotional

I have loved her, laughed with her, snuggled her, and done just about anything to make her smile- all to ensure she is safe, secure, and loved.

The social

I have brought her to countless play groups, dined out with her dozens of times, introduced her to family and friends all over the country…and boy, does she love people!

The intellectual

Finally, we read together, play music and sing, visit local farms, cities, oceans, and lakes—all to ensure that she is exposed to nature, culture, and the arts, and that she develops a thirst for learning.

So far, the hard work has paid off as we have a beautiful, bright, active, and very spunky little girl.

In being a good parent, I realize that I have grown, too.

-Better work ethic. I work harder than I ever have before – I have a child to feed, clothe, amuse and educate! Trust me, it’s not cheap, but I’ll do whatever it takes!

-Healthier lifestyle. I put way more emphasis on getting out and exploring, and doing family-oriented activities. I don’t want her to miss a thing.

-More Patience. I have much, much more patience. I have to! I’m the grown up now, and she’s watching.

-Less Selfish. I am definitely far less selfish…I spend WAY more time shopping for baby clothes! Seriously, I always put her needs first.

Happy baby, happy family, happy mommy.

Being a parent has been everything I’ve hoped for and more. I have a beautiful, happy, thriving baby and along with that, I grew up a little bit and became a better ME.

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One thought on “Being a parent – a better Me was born!

  1. Such a relatable post! Everything shifted for me after my oldest was born too. Striving to be the best me will no doubt allow me to be a better mom. Like you said, we’re the grown ups. Somebody’s gotta lead this operation. 🙂

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