Foam play mats banned in Europe

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7 thoughts on “Foam play mats banned in Europe

    • I’m getting rid of mine since I don’t even know where it’s from! Bought the big tiles puzzle floor at Sam’s Club a few years ago. I’ll also get rid of the alphabets bath foam (from Target don’t know the brand) as my baby girl keeps teething on them… She is my third child and I’ve trashed every single baby Avent bottles to get her the new BPA free ones, had to get rid of her crib after that big recall a couple weeks ago and now the floor mat…what else???

  1. I was made aware of the problem recently by my french friend. I find it disturbing that this fact was not mentioned in UK news! I got rid of both my mats immediately and I think that we should put more pressure on the retailers to act on it!

  2. Hi, I recently bought this product from ebay, (after a friend had something similar) for my children to play on indoors n outdoors mainly. I have now seen about the ban on these products and am not sure I should use it?? I’m in the process of contacting the manufacturer yo see what they have to say??

    The product I bought came with the following information…

    This offer is for 8 Interlocking reversible foam tiles 24″x 24″ (61cm x 61cm) covering 32 square ft (2.98m2) with 16 interlocking borders. Each tile is 11mm thick giving ultimate comfort.
    Each tile is reversible with equal mix of Blue, Green, Yellow and Red on top with Grey on the bottom.
    Ideal for:

    – Play Areas- Home and school use

    – Activity rooms

    – Exercise Rooms

    – Kid bedrooms


    – Reversible

    – Creates a safe and cushioned play area for children

    – Waterproof

    – Lightweight and portable

    – Easy to clean (wipe with just soap and water)

    – Anti Fatigue

    – Thermal properties, warmer than cold concrete floor

    – Protect your existing floor

    – Reduces noise

    Product meets CE regulations and has been tested for Compliance with European Standard on Safety of Toys.

    EN71 (2005) + A6 Part 1 Physical & Mechanical

    EN71 (2005) Part 1 Labelling

    BS EN71 (2006) +A1 Part 2 Flammability

    BS EN71 (1995) +A1 +AC1 Part 3 Toxicity

    – Lead Free
    – Latex Free

  3. Hi I received a reply this morning…

    What i can tell you is we are aware of the article which came out last year and related to some cheap mats imported from China which had not been approved or tested in Europe.

    I can confirm that the Easimats you purchased have been tested in the UK to EN71 European safety standards for toxicity and met or exceed the required safety standards, as such are safe for use.

    Although i should add these mats have been designed for use by 36+ months only as younger children could chew and chock on a small piece of the matting but in terms of toxicity are safe.

    Hope this helps but of you need any additional information please feel free to contact us


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