Toxic play mat update

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2 thoughts on “Toxic play mat update

  1. Hi. We just covered our basement floor in foam tiles purchased from Sam’s Club called “util a mat”. I have a 2 year old and am pregnant. The friend who installed the mats did an amazing job. He cut the edges so that the mats perfectly cover the entire basement floor. They look and feel fantastic. And then I saw the blog about Belgium. I can’t find any info on “util a mat”, so I’m assuming I need to pull up the mats and toss them. Any thoughts? –julie

    • Julie, thanks for your comments!

      I would reach out to Sam’s Club and find out who the manufacturer is and how you can contact them. Also, in your exploration be aware that US are less strict than EU. I actually felt that Skip Hop (the mat I had) had done all the necessary testing and were able to show that the levels of formamide residual were negligible even by EU standards. We pulled the mat up because our daughter was biting the smaller pieces, which we felt could become a choking hazard.

      Do some research and then do what you think is best. These mats are everywhere…daycares, child activity centers…somewhat unavoidable. Sadly, I am sure there are a variety of other products that have the same residue from manufacturing.

      In the end we do the best we can do:). Good luck and let me know what you find out!

      Best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy:)

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