LongLeanBaby is 1!

Longleanbaby has reached a big milestone…she turned 1!  On her first birthday, Babycenter.com sent me their regular automated email, this time it was about “my toddler“.  All of a sudden my baby is a toddler?  So, of course I had to check this out.  From Wikipedia, “a toddler is a young child (1-3 yrs old) who toddles about. During the toddler stage, the child learns a great deal about social roles, develops motor skills and first starts to use language.”

She took her first steps in mid November, 2 weeks before her birthday, and now she is “toddling” all over the place.  And we’re off, literally!  I guess I must accept it; she really is a toddler.

She is talking non-stop – ma ma, da da, na na, pa pa, ball, car, banana, flower, baby…the list goes on.  She says hello to everyone when we’re out and about.  I like to call her The Mayor.  I guess she’s a social butterfly like her Mommy!

Her motor skills development is also on over drive.  She is stacking blocks, “organizing” her toys, playing with her puzzles, throwing balls, playing her musical instruments; there’s never a dull or quiet moment in our house.  Life with this new toddler is action-packed.

In the midst of toddler craze, I often wonder how to keep this busy little babe stimulated.  Not to worry, there are countless organized activities out there; the baby market is a-boomin’.  There are music classes, movement classes, play groups, and so on; but lets not forget about the simple things…a stroll to the park for some swing time and fresh air, reading books together, or dancing together to some of your favorite tunes.  All educational and entertaining options for LLB and her parents:)

Over the last year, watching LLB grow, learn, and develop her little personality has been pure joy!  Time does fly, but I have enjoyed every minute so far and look forward to the changes and experiences to come.


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