A few of my favorite things

LLM & LLB in the Ergo back hold!

After just over a year of motherhood…these are a few of my favorite things!

The ERGObaby baby carrier rocks – The Ergo is an awesome babywearing option with the great longevity…you can wear newborns to toddlers in this bad boy.  I have the organic cotton style, which is incredibly soft and gentle on your babes precious skin.  It fits both my husband and I very comfortably and offers 3 holding positions – front, hip and back hold.   For breast feeding moms, you can easily nurse your babe while still in the carrier and even snap the attached hood in place for added privacy.  It’s very easy for one person to put on and the design supports good baby & parent postural alignment:)

The Bob Revolution stroller, the SUV of strollers – AWD, Durable, Sporty.  Yes, the Bob is great for fitness minded peeps, but also great for anyone who wants a smooth, easy ride on a variety of terrain.   You can keep the front wheel stationary (good for running) and switch it to swivel, which allows for easy maneuverability!  ONE SWEET RIDE – The suspension combined with the big knobby wheels allows the Bob to smoothly roll over rough rocky terrain (great for hiking) and through the snow & slush covering most city sidewalks in the winter.  And, the seat reclines all the way down which makes for nice napping.  FAB SUN COVERAGE – The sun shade is very long and gives amazing sun coverage.  GREAT FOR WINTER – I recently purchased the JJ Cole Arctic Bundle Me & the rain/wind cover; with these two additions, LLB is warm, cozy and comfortable on the worst winter days.  She has taken some of her best and longest naps in the stroller while I am meandering my way through the snowy sidewalks on the freezing, windy winter days.  I could go on…but you get my point.

I la la love my Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station – This portable, compact changing station makes it so you really don’t need a diaper bag.  Just take your favorite (large) handbag and stick this inside and you’re good to go!  It comes with a travel wipes case and pockets to store a few diapers and the necessary lotions & creams.  The changing pad is detachable, extra large and has thick padding at the top for your babes precious little noggin.  While at Mom groups or play dates, I have also used the detachable pad as a little play pad to lay LLB on instead of the floor or a thin blanket.  A must have!

My list of baby & mama gear could go on and on, but as I said, these are a FEW of my favorite things;)  Enjoy and Happy shopping!


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