Spring is coming, time to start shedding the winter layers!

My Winter "Layer"

After countless holiday parties, followed by New Years Eve, followed by blizzard induced cabin fever, followed by the Superbowl…the eating, drinking & hibernating is over!   Spring is upon us and soon we will be putting on less clothing, perhaps even a bikini.  It’s time to cut back on the 12 oz curls, put down the chips and salsa, grab an apple and get active!

I haven’t been hitting the party scene per say, but I have been plagued with cabin fever and lack of motivation.  I may be a fitness professional, but honestly I haven’t made the time for MY OWN exercise.  I work on other people’s fitness, then I go home and focus on my family; and when I do actually have a little time, I want the couch or my laptop.  So, now I find myself 5 lbs heavier then I was in December and ready to shed my winter layer.  LongLeanMama is not feeling so long and lean.  So, I challenge myself, and anyone who cares to join me, to start shedding our winter layers.

Stay tuned for more on my “Shed the layers” Spring challenge where I will hold myself and you accountable!


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