Shed the Layers Challenge!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Let’s love our bodies this year.  As discussed in my last post, Spring is right around the corner and soon we’ll be wearing less and showing more.  That said, we need to tighten it up, literally!   We can only hide behind our down puffy coats and wool sweaters for so much longer.

As a fitness professional, it is my job and my passion to inspire others to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.  One of the best and most effective ways for me to do this is to lead by example.  We can all make excuses why there’s not enough time, but believe me there is time.   You just need to make a commitment and stick to it.  One of the most effective ways to stick to a plan is to make that plan known…then there’s no turning back.  So, I challenge you to make the commitment.  In return I’ll listen, offer encouragement/advice, and hold you accountable!

The Shed the Layers Challenge starts today, February 14 and goes to March 21, the 1st day of Spring.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make the commitment – Comment on this post that you want to shed the layers!
  2. What are you looking to achieve? State your goal – could be a variety of things…lose a specific amount of weight or inches, eat healthier or just become more acitve, etc..just be reasonable.  Set an attainable goal.
  3. What’s your plan? How do you plan to achieve your goal?  Will you join a gym, start a healthier diet plan, work out at home, start working with a trainer or perhaps a Pilates instructor (wink, wink). If you would like some advice, please ASK!  I am qualified to help you in the fitness/Pilates department.  If it’s diet related, I have a couple great resources that can give advice if needed – virtually or locally in NYC & Boston.
  4. Check in regularly – I will post my daily Shed the Layer check-in on Twitter (#shedthelayers), Facebook & here at  You must comment on what you accomplished that day.
  5. Achieve and be recognized!!! At the end, I will post all active participants’ accomplishments.  If you have before and after pics, I’ll post them.  Tell me about your experience and your achievements, I’ll give you a guest post.

The great news is, not only do you have my support but also the support of your virtual shed the layer compadres!

Here’s my plan…

  1. Exercise/be active everyday – at least 30 minutes
  2. Practice Pilates at least 3 days/week
  3. Run 15 miles/week
  4. Make a new healthy recipe at least once a week
  5. Look and feel leaner at the end

So, consider this your official invitation…Please join me in my Shed the Layers challenge.  Comment below and make the commitment !


12 thoughts on “Shed the Layers Challenge!

  1. My plan is to

    1. Exercise at least 3 times a week at the gym
    2. Run at least a mile at the gym / start swimming laps again (when the weather warms up a bit wake up early and run around the ‘hood before work)
    3. Continue to eat healthy
    4. Start taking protein shakes again
    5. Get lean then build muscle

    • I am making the committment to be healthier this year, I want to shed some unwanted body baggage, tone up and drop a dress size. To do this I am taking a high cardio Hips, Thighs and Abs class 2x a week and am also going to the gym at my school an additional 2-3 days a week to get my cardio on. Trying to eat better but that is easier said than done for me so I could use some healthy, cheap, portable (since I eat lunch at school almost every day) meal suggestions. Ri ght now, I’m 139 lbs and my body fat percentage is 35% (eek!). By June I hope to be ~130 and get my bfp in the normal range. I know you can help me stay accountable!! XOXO

      • Shauna,

        Yay! You are doing an amazing job so far. Sounds like youre doing a lot of cardio, which is great. I think you are taking Pilates too, right? One suggestion…You need to add more strength training to your plan! This is going to be a common theme…uh, hem I see a blog post coming! Perhaps you could have a chat with my friend Lara, from Dalch Wellness, about “healthy, cheap, portable” meal suggestions.

        I am psyched for you!! Can’t wait to see your progress:)

    • Jonathan,

      Woohoo! This looks like a great plan! I would reverse #5 – building muscle will be crucial in helping you get leaner faster. What are your plans for strength training?

      I am excited to see how you progress!

      • When strength training I like using the free weights over the machines but I do 3 sets of 10 and when I feel too comfortable with those 3 sets, the next time at the gym, I will do “pyramids” where the second set is heavier than the first and the third set is the same weight as the first. Then I will try and do 3 sets at the heavier weight.

  2. Here’s mine 🙂
    1. Continue lifting weights at the gym 3 times a week
    2. Workout in my hotel gym as much as travel will allow
    3. No snacks after 7pm
    4. Lose 5 lbs by March 2nd and maintain the weight. 🙂

    • Jenna, So excited that you are joining the shed the layers challenge! Looks like a great plan. Since you’re traveling and sometimes the work out rooms aren’t so great…Perhaps a little hotel room Pilates?! There is a great website – Pilates Anytime, where you can subscribe for only $18/month and have all sorts of different classes – apparatus and/or mat & all levels – available to you online! It’s awesome! Please keep me posted on your daily accomplishments!

  3. I am all in, sister:
    (1) pliates twice a week (Mon and Thur)
    (2) Yoga once a week (Tue)
    (3) cardio three times a week (30 minutes before pilates and yoga classes)
    (4) Komen 5k run …. May 7th. My goal is to raise at least $2000 for breast cancer research
    (5) Find something positive to say at some point in EVERY conversation …. be uplifting and positive for myself and others
    (6) get back into reading …. one book a week

    • Jessica – I like it! Perhaps a book club in the making as well;) PS – you too are a motivational gal…thanks for being you and for participating!

      • Who knew that a kid I went to elementary school with would (1) remember me after all the years and (2) wind up being married to such a bada** !?!? I am grateful to have reconnected with Corey (especially during such an amazing time in his life … YAY for Bella!) and to find him married to such a great gal! Your enthusiasm for motherhood, fitness .. and just life in general … inspires me. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the Challenge!!!

    My goal: Feel good with more energy, lose 10lbs!
    My Plan:
    1. Cardio 3x per week
    2. Practice Pilates 6x per week
    3. Meditate, Yoga, or Massage 1x per week
    4. Add healthy snacks into my day to switch from 3 meals a day to 5 a day!

    • Anna~Thanks for joining us and making the commitment! Your plan is well rounded and attainable. I would recommend keeping a log of what and how much you eat…this goes for everyone really. Just like making this commitment – when you write it down the truth stares you in the face! 5 meals per day is more effective as long as they are truly smaller:) Look forward to keeping up with your progress.

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