LongLean…city or country…Mama?

A view from our roof deck - Boston

You may or may not know this, but about 5 months ago LongLeanFamily moved to Boston.  My husband and I met here in 2006 and loved it but due to job issues we moved to a cute “country” town in the Hudson Valley of NY, my husband’s stomping grounds.  For the next few years, all we could talk about was how awesome Boston is – a small manageable city with countless fabulous restaurants, easy to navigate on foot, tons of great shops right outside our door, a great place to get outside for a run.  The list went on and on.  I am originally from Chicago and have always considered myself a city gal.  I love the energy, convenience, and the culture of city living.  So, after a few years living in the country feeling isolated and confined to a car schlepping everywhere, we decided to stop talking about it and make the move back to Boston…it was time to trade in the isolation for action, excitement and culture!  Well, it wasn’t long before we realized that city living is WAY different as a family.

  1. We miss our family more than ever.  Having a support system when you have children is HUGE.
  2. Still isolated and still schlepping.  With our parking spot 10 minutes away from our apartment, it’s not easy to get out, especially in the winter.  When we do get out, it is a complete fiasco.  We live on the top floor in a 4 floor walk up.  Getting the stroller in and out of the building is next to impossible with baby in tow.  So, we often find ourselves staying in the apartment more often than we’d like, ordering groceries online and having produce delivered.   We actually got out more in the country.
  3. Not really living the city life. We are working a lot so we can afford to have our beloved city life, but are working opposite hours so we never see one another.  What’s the point of living here and working so hard when we aren’t able to get out to enjoy it as a couple or a family?
  4. No Laundry. This is the kicker!  Holy moly…not fun when you have SO much more laundry with a child.  Another schlepping nightmare.

Out for a hike in the Catskills

I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I miss the country.  I miss the beautiful landscape.  I miss the peace and quiet.  I miss the access to all sorts of awesome local farms.  I miss the charm filled towns.  I miss the hiking.  Most importantly, I miss family and friends.

Our city life could be more manageable and enjoyable with a significantly larger apartment, a parking spot on-site, in-unit laundry, and street access to “stroll” in and out; but that is not even an option in our income bracket and our family is still hours away.  So, we are packing it in and heading back to the country at the end of the month.

Boston, we will miss you but we promise to visit.  The Public Gardens and The Esplanade are still high on my list of favs; and Boston is and will always be where the spark of LongLeanFamily began:-)

Farewell Beantown…Green Acres here we come!


2 thoughts on “LongLean…city or country…Mama?

  1. I’m a full fledged city mum and I love love love it. I don’t want to give it up! Even though we could get a gigantic house if we moved to the burbs, I don’t want to trade city life for that. We live in a very liveable and walkable city and spend a lot of time walking to and fro. In fact, today we strolled the seawall with a coffee in hand, taking in the calmness by the water.

    • That walk sounds lovely:) Stay where you are happy! I believe we would enjoy the city life more if our family was closer and we could have the amenities mentioned in my post. In a perfect world, I would have both city and country!

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