Shedding the emotional layers

Here’s one of the best ways to shed some emotional layers…take it to the beach! LongLeanFamily is taking a little head break on the beautiful Delaware and Maryland seashore. Out of season, we and few others have this beautiful place to ourselves! We are getting outside, breathing the salty ocean air, feeling the sunshine on our faces and the crisp wind in our hair, letting go of stress and getting some much needed relaxation. This little trek is less expensive (out of season) and highly therapeutic. A collective Ahhhhhhhh!

I think many would agree that a clear, happy head allows for greater motivation to be healthy and to exercise. So, next on the agenda, an invigorating run on the boardwalk!


2 thoughts on “Shedding the emotional layers

  1. I can almost hear the waves! I’m going to close my eyes (but, not for too long ‘cuz I might nod off … grrrrrr two year molars ruining little Mia’s sleep!) and put myself on the beach too. I’m gonna write a note that says “You will never know WHY and it DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE”, stick it in a bottle and toss it in the ocean …. and lose an emotional layer I have been carrying (never mine to carry in the first place) for TOO long!
    Thanks for the break!

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