Shed the Layers Challenge – 1 more week to go!

Shedding the layers with LLB (and LLD too!)

I really put myself to the test with the Shed the Layers Challenge.  It started February 14th, I moved March 1st and then proceeded to go on a 5 day vacation!  Sometimes I wonder about myself…can we say spreading oneself very thin??!!  Well, the good news is I have managed to stay consistently active.  People – moving is a WORKOUT, especially with a toddler!  Lets take a look at my goals…and my actual (in green):

  1. Exercise/be active everyday – at least 30 minutes ~ CHECK 1-2-3, definitely achieved
  2. Practice Pilates at least 3 days/week ~ hmmm, not so much.  I have been keeping my powerhouse engaged with all of the heavy lifting of boxes and 22 lb toddler…does this count?
  3. Run 15 miles/week ~ I averaged about 5 miles/week overall.  Not too bad, but not my goal.
  4. Make a new healthy recipe at least once a week ~ this was a success, yay!!  Check out my The bomb blueberry apple buttermilk pancakes & Rockin’ Veggie Lasagna, both were delicious!

I feel good about my actual considering my schedule.  Now that I’m settled into beautiful New York, I will kick it into high gear!

How about the rest of the Shed the Layers gang…how have you been coming along?


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