About LongLeanMama

Photo credit - Brannon Conza Photography

What is LongLeanMama?

Long ~ Long, healthy supported spine. Long, strong muscles. Pilates exercises lengthen and strengthen all the major muscles in a balanced way.

Lean ~ Eat healthy. Exercise often. Chase a toddler. Repeat for the rest of your life.

Mama ~ Create & nurture an unborn life. Experience birth. Fall in eternal love. Give everything you have physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Jill DiGiovanni is a certified Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer.  Since 2007, Jill has been in the fitness field focused on helping clients of all ages and fitness levels look and feel better inside and out.  Pre and post natal health & fitness has been a focus of hers and after experiencing a beautiful and active pregnancy and finally the birth of her daughter, LongLeanBaby, in December 2009, this passion has taken on new meaning!

Jill holds a BS in Marketing from University of Illinois and the following fitness certifications: Certified Personal Trainer – American Academy of Personal Training NY (2007),  Comprehensive Classical Pilates Teacher Certification – Core Pilates NYC (2009).

In this blog, Jill will share her thoughts on health and fitness, document her experiences during and after pregnancy, discuss the joys and challenges of motherhood, and rant about a variety of other topics from time to time!

Photo credit - Brannon Conza Photography

Enjoy life, be well, and happy reading!


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