LongLeanMama & Baby are weaned – it’s bittersweet

LLB is 13 months old and officially fully weaned from breastfeeding.  I’m not quite sure who it was more difficult for – the baby or the mommy!  There’s no doubt about it, weaning can be a challenging, emotional process.   When LLB was around 9 months old we tried to start gradual weaning with her […]

A few of my favorite things

After just over a year of motherhood…these are a few of my favorite things! The ERGObaby baby carrier rocks – The Ergo is an awesome babywearing option with the great longevity…you can wear newborns to toddlers in this bad boy.  I have the organic cotton style, which is incredibly soft and gentle on your babes precious […]

LongLeanBaby is 1!

Longleanbaby has reached a big milestone…she turned 1!  On her first birthday, Babycenter.com sent me their regular automated email, this time it was about “my toddler“.  All of a sudden my baby is a toddler?  So, of course I had to check this out.  From Wikipedia, “a toddler is a young child (1-3 yrs old) who […]