Shed the Layers Challenge – 1 more week to go!

I really put myself to the test with the Shed the Layers Challenge.  It started February 14th, I moved March 1st and then proceeded to go on a 5 day vacation!  Sometimes I wonder about myself…can we say spreading oneself very thin??!!  Well, the good news is I have managed to stay consistently active.  People […]

Spring is coming, time to start shedding the winter layers!

After countless holiday parties, followed by New Years Eve, followed by blizzard induced cabin fever, followed by the Superbowl…the eating, drinking & hibernating is over!   Spring is upon us and soon we will be putting on less clothing, perhaps even a bikini.  It’s time to cut back on the 12 oz curls, put down […]

Charity run…a win win win!

This past Sunday morning, I ran the Falmouth Road Race on beautiful Cape Cod and let me just say…it was PHENOMENAL!! The weather was perfect, not too hot, and the scenic course was breathtaking! I ran 7.1 miles (a 10K plus a little extra) in 1:13…not too bad…just under a 10:00 mile!!  Not only did […]