The bomb blueberry apple buttermilk pancakes!

Yet another fun family breakfast that is packed full of yummy, healthy deliciousness…LLB approved! I took a lower fat route replacing oil with a little apple sauce and yogurt. 2 cups Maple Grove Farms of Vermont Buttermilk pancake mix 1 cup water 1 egg 2 tbsp organic apple sauce 2 tbsp plain organic yogurt 1/2 […]

Long Lean Grilled Chicken Salad Rockin Mama

Ummm, I just made the most delicious salad and had to share.  Nothing too crazy, just super frickin’ tasty and satisfying. What you need: Foreman Grilled, marinated chicken breast – marinated overnight in lemon juice, safflower oil, Simply Organic Garlic herb seasoning Organic green leaf lettuce Organic grape tomatoes Red onion feta cheese sunflower seeds […]