LongLeanBaby is 1!

Longleanbaby has reached a big milestone…she turned 1!  On her first birthday, Babycenter.com sent me their regular automated email, this time it was about “my toddler“.  All of a sudden my baby is a toddler?  So, of course I had to check this out.  From Wikipedia, “a toddler is a young child (1-3 yrs old) who […]

Foam play mats banned in Europe

My local moms network picked up on recent news from Europe discussing the banning of foam puzzle mats due to the presence of a toxic material, formamide.

Article from EuroNews, “Belgium is to ban the sale of all foam puzzle mats for babies and toddlers, citing tests showing they contain a cancer-causing chemical. Formamides are used to soften the foam in the mats but are corrosive and can be deadly.